NHBC Claims

So you have a problem with your new house? You’ve tried contacting NHBC but been told the fault is trivial, yet it’s still causing you some concern. Where do you turn now? Or maybe you haven’t yet contacted them but are unsure of how to approach the matter.

Most people don’t realise that you are quite within your rights to go back to NHBC and ask for the matter to be investigated further... but you are likely to be taken a lot more seriously if you’re armed with some knowledge of how the system works, and how your house is built! As our clients will testify:

“Insurance companies such as NHBC don’t want to pay out money on claims to compensate for bad workmanship. Fact. And if they can convince you that your problem is of a trivial nature: “thermal cracking” “settling cracks” they won’t think anything of wiping their hands of you while you’re left wondering if your house will soon fall down!” J Howard, Wigan

“You CAN fight for your concerns, and you SHOULD. Your house is one of the biggest investments you will make, and if you bought it as a new house, it should be in perfect condition. We knew there was structural damage in our house but we had no idea how bad until we sought expert help which enabled us to go back to our insurer NHBC armed with the correct knowledge and advice about our home. Then they took notice and started real investigations into what was going on.” S Doran, Cheshire

Starting with a simple discussion on the phone, we will take your details and decide if it’s worth an assessment. If we feel you have a case, we have all the skills and knowledge of how the system works to help you win the battle and resolve your case.